WFH Chronicles: Apps for Productivity

Most of us are settling into our WFH routines as the quarantine extensions keep coming. Some setups (as you quickly find out via Zoom) are more organized than others. And despite all the communication and collaboration tools to keep everyone on track, it’s definitely easy to get distracted. Whether it be the morning news in the background, a needy toddler, or your Instagram poppin’ off, finding that focus is extra challenging right now. But hey, we’re all human! WFH doesn’t have to feel like FML. Here at Majestyk we’re app-obsessed, and have compiled a list of our fav apps to help us keep our eye on the prize!

Forest App UI components.


All you guys with a green thumb might like Forest. When you need to focus on a task without looking at your phone, you plant a tree and it continues to grow the longer you keep the app open - aka the longer you refrain from checking your phone. Switch apps, and your little tree dies!

Bear Focus Timer app preview.

Bear Focus Timer

Bears are cute, but they’re also fierce, and this one will keep you in line! Using the Pomodoro method, you schedule breaks that are usually in 25 minute intervals and your bear companion will hold you to it. The white noise in the background is a great added touch for those of you who don’t blast music at all hours.

Women focused on work at a cafe.


For those of you who are getting extra stir crazy, Coffitivity recreates the ambient sound of a cafe while you work! If you’re usually taking calls from your local Starbucks, this one's for you. Studies actually show that an amount of ambient noise increases creativity. Pair with your favorite cup of joe and the scene is complete.

Focus4Charity App Preview.


Humble brag here, but the Majestyk team dreamed up an awesome app that not only helps you focus, but also helps you give back while you do it! If you need an extra incentive, Focus4Charity will donate to your charity of choice based on how long you’re able to focus without switching out of the app. Launching Summer of 2020, so look out for it in your app store!

All these are fun, effective, or even charitable apps that will help you fight that wandering mind. Don’t fear the post-lunch hour, WFH just got a little easier.

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