The Holy Grail to a Successful Internship Experience

Maimouna MMbacke, Social Media & Marketing Intern
Maimouna MMbacke, Social Media & Marketing Intern

It’s 9 am and I’m running through Grand Central wishing I didn’t hit the snooze button – again. A few shoulder grazes and awkward bumps later I finally jump on the subway.

Around me, I see account managers in suits, nurses in scrubs and trainers in leggings. Each of these individuals underwent the dreadful process of deciding their career path. For me, I have just begun this process but I'm hoping that my internship experiences will help me figure that out. I arrive at my stop, and with four more blocks till I reach the Majestyk office, I start to reflect on what I want to take away from my internship that day.

Not many internships allow interns to take control of the experiences they want to have, but that is exactly the Magic in Majestyk. With Majestyk I get to experience the wonders of an innovative and creative environment while being able to tailor my workload to my interests and expertise. As a digital tech startup, I get to dive into technology while learning the ins and outs to effective marketing strategies in an ever-changing global economy. My day ranges anywhere from benchmark reports to getting to explore my creative touch through visual designs and using technology to demonstrate my vision on projects.

As a digital tech startup, I get to dive into technology while learning the ins and outs to effective marketing strategies in an ever-changing global economy.

Being in an environment where technology is the driving force provides a world of endless opportunities. I’ve learned the importance of leveraging my skills and adaptability. Not many people take time to realize technology is relevant in everything we do in our lives and the ripple effect it has on every industry. My internship at Majestyk has allowed me to break boundaries and apply my marketing skills to multiple industries at once.

While applying for internships I knew this is the experience I wanted. I caught the entrepreneurial bug and knew I wanted to be in a startup environment. I focused on WHAT skills I wanted to further develop and WHO was going to help me develop them. I focused on my passion for marketing, my yearning to explore my creative abilities and lastly my desire to further establish my use of various tech-driven platforms. I knew that Majestyk would be the place where TECH Meets BUSINESS.

While I'm still figuring what my future career path will be, I was fortunate enough to have an amazing internship experience that's really help point me in the right direction. I found the Magic in Majestyk and now it's time to find the magic in your internship! Here are three tips to finding the perfect internship experience for you.

Start by Defining Your Goals

It's important to develop an understanding of what skills you want to develop and what industries you may want to work in. Internships are a tool in which you can validate your interest as well as explore new ones. Start by clearly defining both your strengths and where you hope to gain more experience so you have a clear idea of what you'd like to achieve in your internship.

Research. Research. Research.

Whether you are looking to break into a new industry or you are applying to companies on your wishlist, it is important to know who they are and how you fit in! A lot of my peers took the strategy of applying for as many opportunities as possible regardless of how well it matched their profile. While that works for some, I’ve found that having clear goals and being a bit more selective provides a much more relevant and better internship experience in the long run.

Take Action

It’s as simple as submitting an application to YOUR perfect internship experience! Being passionate about where you want to work and having a genuine interest in the companies you apply for makes a difference. You will find that your demeanor and overall knowledge during the interview process will be stronger and more confident when you really have the drive to pursue an opportunity. Having genuine excitement for an internship prospect radiates through to hiring managers much more than when you apply for just any opportunity.

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