Why Digital Transformation Can be the Key to Success for Non-Digital Companies

For traditionally non-digital companies, the thought of replacing their non-digital processes with new digital technologies can seem overwhelming at first. Some of these companies want to improve their operations through digital solutions but don’t know where to start. Others simply don’t see the point in changing how they operate since they’ve been “just fine” for many years without using digital tools and applications. But the fact of the matter is - every company in modern times is a technology-enabled company. Even if they just have a website, these companies understand the value of having at least one digital touchpoint with their customers.

Just as there was a demand to develop a website at some point in the past, there are many new and novel ways that digital transformation can help non-digital companies better serve their customers, reduce costs, and become more efficient now and into the future.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of digital transformation for non-digital companies and explore some tangible examples of what this process can look like.

Every company in modern times is a technology-enabled company. Even if they just have a website, these companies understand the value of having at least one digital touchpoint with their customers.

Digital Transformation Starts with Awareness and Education

As the old saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” For many non-digital companies, they simply haven’t been exposed to or educated on how certain digital solutions can benefit their company. They may view a mobile app as a luxury rather than a necessity, or a new internal dashboard as a frivolous expense when their current operations have been working fine for years. Since every company has a different stance on digital solutions and varying degrees of technical know-how, education must always be the first step in digital transformation.

When we work with a new non-digital client, there’s always some resistance to change at first. Some companies think they have so many potential problems (which may not even be core issues) and can get overwhelmed thinking about addressing them. Others think that technology will replace jobs, when technology actually works to augment what they’re already doing. To reduce this stress and bring clarity to the client, we start by addressing a very specific and tangible pain point they may be facing and show them how a digital solution can alleviate it. 

It’s our job to help companies understand that when they invest in digital solutions, they’re investing back into the efficiency of their company and the satisfaction of their customers. Through a comprehensive Discovery & Strategy process, we ensure that the products we build are right for our clients and implemented on the appropriate platforms. This can lead into an overall company product roadmap where we start in one area and grow with the company as we continue to find areas for tech.

Any solution we create aligns with a company's current needs and fits seamlessly into their existing system. By making sure everyone impacted by the solution is comfortable with the changes, and also showing them how this solution positions them for long-term success, the real work of digital transformation can begin.

As The Notorious B.I.G. said, "If you don't know, now you know."

Digital Transformation Improves Customer Satisfaction

It’s no secret that people are on their digital devices now more than ever, especially during the pandemic. People have come to expect more digital interaction from all companies, including brick and mortar stores. The more digital touchpoints a company can have with their customers to recapture attention, the better off they will be now and into a post-pandemic future.

Digital transformation also plays a key role in keeping a pulse on your customers’ activity and better meeting their needs. Without having the tools to gauge customer satisfaction, you don’t have any insight into how to adjust your operations to keep these customers happy. Some companies turn to customer support staff to gauge customer satisfaction, but this can be very costly and inefficient. Luckily, with digital touchpoint technologies, you can quickly check customer satisfaction analytics, saving you time and money.

To better understand how a non-digital company can use digital transformation to increase customer satisfaction, let’s take a look at some examples of digital solutions we implemented in the Waste Management industry.

Example 1: A common concern for people is “when is my garbage getting picked up, and is it on schedule or not?” If a customer were to call in and ask for this information, they could easily spend 10-30 minutes out of their day depending on the availability of a customer service rep. If the waste management company had a mobile app or web portal, however, the customer could find this information in a matter of seconds. Any time you can save customers time is a big win.

Example 2: Let’s say a customer wants to order a large dumpster for a project but has no clue what size will fit best in their driveway. Instead of guessing and taking the risk of ordering the wrong size, the customer could use an app that helps them make the right decision. They could simply hold up their phone to their driveway, and the app - using Augmented Reality - will show how much room each dumpster would take up. This saves the waste management company from having to deal with a reorder and brings confidence to the customer that they’re making the right selection.

Digital Transformation can Help Improve Efficiency

At the end of the day, any solution that’s implemented aims to alleviate pain points and increase efficiency. There are so many different ways this can be accomplished depending on which area of the company or customer journey is being optimized. Once a solution is agreed upon and everyone is up to speed, it can truly be a game-changer from a revenue and profit standpoint.

For Example:

Majestyk worked with a very large carpet manufacturer that only distributed their carpet to wholesalers who would then sell it inside of their showrooms. For a customer that wanted to buy carpet, they would have to go to a showroom, browse around, and choose the carpet they like.

The sales representative would then have to make a phone call to the manufacturer (our client), which triggered a call to their customer support team. Their customer support team would then have to look up the specific carpet and see if it's available. Then they would relay the information back to the salesperson on the showroom floor. If the customer wanted to move ahead with the sale, they would have the sales rep make another phone call and order the carpet. This was all done through phone and fax, as well as an old-school dashboard.

As you can see, there were many inefficiencies within this dated process. That’s why we stepped in and implemented digital solutions for every user in this experience. Starting with the customer, we set up an easy to use online portal for them to order carpet samples directly from the manufacturer instead of having to go to a showroom. If the customer does want to see the carpet in full size at the showroom and place an order, the sales reps don't have to go through the hassle of making multiple phone calls and can just order the carpet through the same online portal in seconds.

Dive Into Digital Transformation

With so many new technologies and digital solutions available, now is a great time for non-digital companies to get on board with digital transformation. Not only will you improve customer satisfaction and be able to easily track it, but you’ll also improve efficiency, which leads to greater revenue.

At Majestyk, we are here to help companies grow, understand their goals, and implement solutions that work for everybody involved. By focussing on education first, and then reverse engineering a solution that aligns with key business objectives, companies can have confidence in moving forward with digital transformation. 

If you’re ready to have a conversation about how digital transformation can benefit your business, email us at info@majestykapps.com or contact us on our website today!

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