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Sneaker bots made easy

Using a sneaker bot doesn't guarantee you'll be walking away a winner. But if you love sneakers, the added advantage you get from using a bot service is well worth the effort. The problem is that most consumers are not technical and don't understand proxies or servers well enough to be successful.

Our team partnered up with sneakerheads to develop an agile user-centered product that brings botting to a whole new level of ease. Through a clean UI, easy-to-use interface, automated set up and the ability for expert users to create more complex tasks — we developed a robust platform easy enough for anyone to use.

The main desktop user interface for The Cookout sneaker bot platform.


A recipe for success

Like any product, a cornerstone of The Cookout's success lied in branding. We had the unique challenge of creating an identity that needed to encapsulate the nuances of sneaker culture and lingo through an approachable design sense. Combining botting culture and language with custom illustration and bold design, our team cooked up a brand identity that is friendly, conversational and accessible to everyone.

The Cookout shoebox logo.
The Cookout color palette and typography system.Custom animated asset highlighting the release calendar functionality of the web app.Custom illustrated platform designed for The Cookout brand.
"The Cookout is made by sneaker heads frustrated with the current state of the game, so we decided to change it."
Trey Russell, the Cookout Cofounder


Building credibility through design and storytelling

The competition among sneaker bots is fierce. With software ranging from $10 to $9,000, there are A LOT of options and it's not always clear which one is the best. When it comes to copping a pair of your favorite sneakers, cost is relative and the best bots to use come down to several different deciding factors.

The consumer-facing website was designed to connect with end-users through storytelling. By focusing on the pain points associated with trying to cop the latest sneaker release, we humanized the technology and platform. We also strived for full transparency on the product offering to position the brand as a hub for the major sneaker bots available.

A mockup of the consumer facing website design for The Cookout.


Updates at your fingertips

As a robust platform functionality is focused on a desktop experience. But knowing that mobile traffic accounts for roughly 57% of all webpage traffic in the United States, responsive design was key to reach a larger market.

A responsive version of the website landing page on a mobile device.
Mobile friendly website designs for the consumer facing site.


All your favorite bots in one place

If you're a die-hard collector you're often investing in multiple bots, each of which can range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars per platform. With the Cookout, the barrier of entry to botting has been lowered by giving users access to the major bots in the industry through a single easy-to-use web dashboard. For under $100 a month users can bot on all their favorite sites with full control of the bot of choice via their dashboard.

Stylized mockup of the main Cookout UI.
Design mockup of the task creation functionality and available sneaker bots on the platform.UI components for managing credit card information and data visualization of your spending.
Select components from the universal design system that was created.
Example of micro-interactions implemented as part of design to strengthen intuitiveness.


To further strengthen the intuitiveness of the dashboard, micro-interactions were heavily explored throughout the UX and design process. The team sought to provide immediate user feedback for a smoother experience while being as non-intrusive as possible. This helped create a more human-like experience within a piece of non-human feeling software.

Mockup highlighting some of the exclusive sneaker bots available on the platform.


A guide to better cooking – a robust notification system keeps users in control

With inventory moving so fast, a notification system that can keep up with instant feedback is crucial in botting. Once a user is all set up, the platform provides real-time feedback on vital information including successful purchases, checkout failures, task updates and more. The platform also tracks new releases and drops and pushes tailored email notifications to users.

Custom designed email notifications.Available in-app notifications that provide real-time feedback on vital information.
"Botting is an art, it’s a sport, it’s a skill, it’s a competition – the winner gets paid."
Trey Russell, the Cookout Cofounder


Better strategy with analytic tools

Users benefit from fast, task-boosting insights that help iterate and evolve settings. With the Cookout dashboard, you can see how you have done throughout your Cookout career and also compare your metrics to others in the community to see where you can improve.

High level of the user analytics available within the dashboard.
UI design comparing individual metrics against a global record of metrics from all users on the platform.
The payment structure and subscriptions available to users.

Managing infrastructure

Setting up your Bot(s) to run in the cloud is not a simple task. You need to have the technical ability to build and deploy the Bot(s) on Amazon, Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or other cloud solutions. The Cookout takes this out of the equation and automates this for users so all the need to worry about is setting up their tasks, profiles, billing address, etc. and the Cookout automation will do the rest.

Custom animation featuring available sneaker bots on the web platform.
Stripe logo

Recurring Subscriptions

Providing a subscription service is a key component to The Cookout's business model. Without a dedicated team of full-time engineers to handle these billing complexities, we integrated Stripe as part of the tech stack. Stripe allows The Cookout to create products for users to subscribe to on a monthly and yearly basis and also purchase one of the products.


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