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A full suite of production features, all rolled into one platform.

Production teams do an immense amount of pre-production work to make sure everything falls into place on shoot days. Workflows vary across teams, and various platforms are used, leading to decentralized information.

With Versatile Hub, we brought all company and job information onto a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple log-ins and increasing transparency across teams and departments.

The Versatile Hub main login screen
Versatile Hub main dashboard viewCollage with different screens from the Versatile Hub UI


Keep track of contacts, companies, locations and everything that’s related to jobs.

Versatile team members constantly travel and work across different locations and time zones. Making sure everyone was in sync and accessing the most up-to-date information was a priority for Hub functionality.

Our first task was to build databases for storing their records of clients, vendors, locations and jobs. Custom linking features allow the records to be connected to each other, such as employees to companies and locations to jobs. We included filters and a global search function to make the data easier to navigate.

Visual mockup of the high-level features available in the hub including dashboard, jobs, contacts, locations, search, notifications, team and account settings.
Detailed UI view of a location pop upDetailed UI view of a contact details pop upCollage of some of the difference modules available to users in the hub
Creating a new job flowIconography for the different components and features within a job including budget, calendar, crew, grids, call sheets and tasks.


See where jobs stand with color-coded pipeline stages

All jobs progress through 4 key stages, “Bidding,” “Working,” “Wrap,” and “Done.” These stages are color-coded to be easily identified when skimming the jobs database or viewing the company calendar. To provide more details, phases are broken into stages, so viewers always know exactly what’s happening within a job.

Mockup of the dropdown filter for pipeline stages within the jobs database. These stages are color-coded to be easily identified when skimming the jobs database or viewing the company calendar.
Dropbox and Google Sheets logos


Integrations with Dropbox and Google Sheets provide flexibility

Since Dropbox and Google Sheets were two of Versatile’s most used apps, we integrated them with the Hub to provide familiarity and flexibility. These platforms give the team additional ways to access files on the go and share files with external users.

Using the Sheets integration, Versatile can track all sorts of data that doesn’t have a pre-built component in the Hub, such as travel grids and equipment lists. With Dropbox, templated folders are created for each job, so every file has its place. “Save to Dropbox” features make it easy to export files from the Hub to their respective Dropbox job folder.


Calendars for both a birds-eye view of the company and detailed breakdowns of jobs

The Hub includes calendars in two places, at the dashboard level and at the job level. When viewing the dashboard, managers can see all jobs throughout the company and filter by departments. On the other hand, job calendars have a month, week and agenda views for detailed pre-production planning. They can also show holds on crew members and dated team tasks for easy scheduling.

Visual breakdown of the filtering by department options including production, post production, equipment, events, holds and tasks.
The UI design for calendars within the hub that displays productions dates and timelines.
Mock up of a sample text notification asking recipients to confirm the call sheet.


Coordinate the crew list, generate call sheets, schedule delivery and get confirmations.

A call sheet lets everyone on a shoot know where they need to be and when to show up. Once a crew list has been created, the Hub can automatically generate call sheets and send them to the recipients via email or text. A call sheet tracker then lets the sender see if a delivery was successful, who viewed the call sheet and who’s clicked the confirm button.

A call sheet generated by the Versatile Hub that coordinates the crew list, locations and schedule.
Mock up of the simplified UI for budgeting with features that include customizable catalogs and expense tracking.A mock up of the UI design for the hub's wrap generator, invoicing and accounting features.


Keep the team in sync no matter where or when they’re working.

The Hub is the home base for everyone in Versatile, no matter where they’re working from. A custom dashboard view lets them know what jobs they have assigned and what tasks are pending. At the same time, notifications keep the team informed about important job updates and upcoming due dates.

To manage the internal team, an admin can assign roles, limit access to certain parts of the Hub, invite new users and deactivate anyone who’s left the company.

A custom designed dashboard view for the Versatile project that lets users know what jobs they have assigned and what tasks are pending.A mockup of the account creation sign up flow in the hub.


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