A local meeting spot for quality coffee and community events

Brew Coffee Bar is an American-style filter coffee shop with quality and community at the heart of the business. The owner, Brandon Castro, strives to elevate the standard of coffee while opening a dialogue about what it can be. 

As a barista, Brandon always knew he wanted a shop of his own. When the global pandemic forced the cafe he worked at to close, he took that opportunity to embark on a new journey — Brandon dove into the science and craft of preparing and serving coffee. He honed his skills and expanded his knowledge through certified classes at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Brandon opened Brew Coffee Bar at the end of 2021 and is now incorporating the skills he learned into the coffee he serves.

Brew partnered with Majestyk to design a modern and scalable website. The responsive website provides the business with a digital presence and serves as a hub to bring together the local community through events.

A mockup of the Brew Coffee Bar homepage web design

Brew Coffee Bar mobile website design

Brewing Up More than Just Coffee

Small businesses are vital because they help boost local economies. They keep financial revenue close to home and support their communities and neighborhoods. One of the key features designed into the Brew website is a Community page that highlights events happening at the coffee shop and the surrounding area. Brandon wanted to provide a way for other businesses to feature events and ultimately create a hub for the entire community through his website.

It is important to shop local because those businesses are usually the ones most passionate about their craft or service. They offer a level of care and love you won't find at big-name places. When you can stay in town or right next door, you get to know the owners and the daily workers. That bond to the local products or people is a feeling like no other.

Brandon Castro

Brew Coffee Bar community page mock up

Modern & Relaxed Design

The new website includes a mix of modern design elements with a relaxed, welcoming color palette. The design direction was to create something simple and sleek that still had a sense of personality and friendliness. The creative team incorporated strong color blocking and typography with simple visual accents to achieve a design style that resonated with the brand. We also implemented micro-interactions to enhance the user experience in a simple but eye-catching way.

Color palette and components for the Brew project

Custom micro interaction example

Shortening development time by building in Webflow

Knowing how important establishing a digital presence was to the brand, we shortened development time by building in Webflow. Our creative team managed the entire project without needing to engage with our development team. By eliminating the need to hand off to a developer, we avoided challenges in translating our design and vision to development. The platform also allowed us to easily transition site management over to the Brew team to manage content independently. 

Brew Coffee Bar website collage

A Refreshing New Hub for the Local Community

Whether it's a hot cup of coffee or an iced cold joe tea, Brew is a coffee bar offering the community an authentic taste of what local business has to offer. Brandon hopes to become a mainstay in the community by providing high-quality products, raising awareness of what coffee can be, sponsoring social events and supporting other businesses in the neighborhood.

As a digital product studio, our goal was to help bring him one step closer to achieving his vision. We developed a space that brings coffee lovers and the community together with Brew's vision in mind. 

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