The Journey of Audiomack’s Rise to 20M+ Monthly Active Users

Majestyk began working with Audiomack in 2014 to build their native mobile apps and has continued to iterate on them over the last six years based on user feedback, market research, and data analytics.

The team also provides strategic insight on new features and ways to scale the platform effectively. Through this collaboration, Audiomack has positioned itself in the top 10 music apps globally, grown from 2-5k MAU’s to 20M+ MAU’s, and provides one of the most universally accessible music streaming platforms worldwide.

Audiomack is here to move music forward

Audiomack is a music streaming and audio distribution platform that aims to draw the shortest line between artists and listeners. Founded in 2012, Audiomack allows artists to directly upload their music, gain access to a 20M+ MAU listener base, and earn revenue from their streams. There’s also an exciting full suite of tools for artists, including analytics and unlimited storage.

On the listener side, Audiomack provides many unique features, including millions of songs to stream, free downloads for offline listening, playlisting, favoriting, and commenting.

Over the years, major artists like Chance the Rapper, Migos, and 21 Savage started on Audiomack, which enabled them to grow their following and sign deals with major labels.

The Challenge

The Audiomack team realized that as they grew, most of their traffic was coming from mobile devices. But, they didn’t have any native applications. They knew they needed to pivot to provide an exceptional mobile experience to stay competitive. Their goal was to bring their unique catalog and platform to app stores and engage an ever-increasing mobile user base.

Audiomack had a talented team of 7-10 people, but designing and launching mobile applications wasn’t their core competency. To position themselves as a leader in music streaming and deliver a top-notch experience, they knew they needed to work with a partner. 

More specifically, they needed to find a partner that truly understood their needs, their users, and ultimately how to bring mobile projects to life. 

The Solution 

Audiomack decided to work with us to build and support their mobile apps due to a combination of factors. This included our leadership abilities, product management experience, proven track record with launching mobile apps, and world-class technical and engineering expertise. 

We were tasked with augmenting the Audiomack team by providing mobile development, consulting, and operations personnel to support the product teams. We also serve as the entirety of the front end design and UX team.

On the front end, if you like the way that the app works, looks, feels, then you really have Majestyk to thank for that.

Charlie Kaplan, VP Product at Audiomack

The Workflow

The workflow between us and Audiomack is efficient and streamlined. Typically the Audiomack team brainstorms ideas that can positively impact the stability of their service or improve their KPIs like growth, retention, and engagement. Those ideas then get brought to us for review by senior engineers that specialize in mobile development.

After a review, we bring feedback to the Audiomack team outlining the technicalities of what is realistic and how to accomplish objectives in the most efficient way. 

So one great thing about our collaboration with Majestyk is that they never throw something back at us that's half baked. In fact, they always go the extra mile in terms of making things work.

Charlie Kaplan, VP Product at Audiomack

The Results

Over the last six years working together, we helped Audiomack dramatically increase their user base, scale globally, and bring an exceptional experience to artists and listeners everywhere. 

To support their growth, the Audiomack team has now grown to over 70 employees. They also partnered with Warners and UMG for premium artists that are still up and coming. Together, they’ve built what they believe to be the most accessible, universal music service that exists.

Chart showing the grown of average monthly users from 5K to 20+M users
2-5K Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in 2014 to 20+ MAUs in 2021

Breakdown of US based vs global app users
Between 2014 to 2019 80%-90% of users were US-based compared to
2019 to 2021 where 50% were US-based and %50 were global

iOS and Google Play app store ranking for the Audiomack App

iOS and Android star ratings for the Audiomack App

Experience of Working with Majestyk from Audiomack’s Perspective 

“I would definitely like to highlight that in addition to being experienced, competent, and knowledgeable, the Majestyk team is fully bought-in and gives our project their all. 

We know that we get their full effort on our work. They don’t ship code that isn’t to a high standard. 

In the years we’ve worked with Majestyk, we rarely have turned a single GitHub ticket back for being underbaked or done in a thoughtless way. Majestyk’s team consistently goes the extra mile (and puts in the extra time) to make their work thorough and even expand on our ideas. They build for the spirit, not just the letter, of our specs and that shows in the product.

Having a partner who can really teach us something, and give us a perspective on what to build is critical. Otherwise, there would have been a much longer period of trial and error instead of being able to really hit the ground running.

Charlie Kaplan, VP Product at Audiomack

Example of Audiomack Learning from Majestyk:

Audiomack recently launched a local file player on their Android app. This is a big deal: Most streaming music services allow users to stream music and play music downloaded for offline listening, but almost none also allow users to access their existing music libraries for playback in their apps. Audiomack put together a spec for this tool and was met with enthusiasm from our team. 

Rather than just getting the work done well, we saw the vision and helped Audiomack push it further to expand utility for its users. One member of our team, Paul Burke, recommended that Audiomack should have the capacity to open music files users find around the web using the local file player feature. 

This was a compelling use case that the product team had not considered. What if, every time one of our users encountered an MP3 on the web with their mobile device, this prompted a new session on Audiomack? 

Audiomack is just launching this feature now and is excited to see if it expands Audiomack’s utility to their listeners, expanding the use case beyond the app to anywhere a listener finds a file they need to play. This buy-in and creativity from us have made the product and user experience better.

Audiomack’s Recommendation for Other Companies Looking to Partner with Majestyk 

“The internet is filled with mobile SaaS applications. And the background that we've gained, and that Majestyk has gained from building out a really robust mobile service is applicable to almost anybody who wants to build a service in that space. 

It’s the product of countless hours of hard work from a lot of people who really care about the outcome. That's the fundamental importance of having great partners in building stuff. 

At the end of the day, if the user experiences our app as being simple and consistent, then that means that there's a lot of people working really hard behind the scenes. And that's how people experience Audiomack. I think that's a real testament to our collaboration with Majestyk and with the strength of the team that they have.”

Charlie Kaplan, VP Product at Audiomack

At the end of the day, if the user experiences our app as being simple and consistent, then that means that there's a lot of people working really hard behind the scenes. And that's how people experience Audiomack. I think that's a real testament to our collaboration with Majestyk and with the strength of the team that they have.

If you’re interested in trying out Audiomack for yourself, you can sign up for a free account.  To discuss your next mobile development project with the experts at Majestyk – reach out!

Hero Image: Features Pooh Shiesty, an artist from Memphis via the Audiomack App.

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