Audiomack: A True Artist-First Music Platform

Audiomack’s 20+ million user base is growing every day and for a good reason. As an artist-first music streaming platform, Audiomack has always aimed to deliver unique opportunities for artists at any stage of their careers to share their music and grow their following. Furthermore, their commitment to reaching listeners worldwide with superior app functionality has positioned them as one of the leading international streaming services.

Let’s take a closer look at the rise of Audiomack and our ongoing collaboration with them.

Audiomack’s Mission

Audiomack was a simple web-based music streaming service with a core mission of being an artist-first platform in its early stages.

With many other streaming services focused on doing deals with major labels and distributing a lot of the same mainstream content, Audiomack had a different vision. They wanted to build a platform where any artist of any caliber could upload their music for fans everywhere, as long as they had the rights to the music.

They wanted to empower artists at all stages of their development, creating a fair ecosystem of music sharing and streaming. Providing opportunities for artists to grow and access listeners across all demographics is and always will be the guiding principle for Audiomack.

Developing Mobile Capability

Around 2014, Audiomack reached a point in maturity where 80%–85% of their users accessed the platform on mobile devices. To capitalize on this ever-growing mobile user base, Audiomack knew they needed to complement their web-based platform with a high-functioning native mobile app. That’s when we began our collaboration and 6+ year journey of supporting the development of Audiomack. 

Initially, the goal was to bring a bare-bones but functional version of the Audiomack experience to mobile, launch it across the app stores and engage a larger audience. Since the platform relies on the core OS functionality of the mobile device it’s accessed on, it was only natural to build out a native application.

We approached the initial version of the Audiomack App as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – focusing solely on core functionality and rolling out new features iteratively. Using this method, Audiomack can incorporate functionality in a calculated and mistake-proof way, providing users with a consistent experience. It also has allowed us to stay diligent about aligning any new feature rollouts with the original core mission of the Audiomack platform. 

Audiomack’s International Expansion

From the years 2014–2019, 80%–90% of Audiomack users were based in the USA. But, with a focus on bringing the platform to international users, including areas that are underserved by the major streaming services, Audiomack’s user base is now around 50% USA and 50% international.

Audiomack is currently the number one music app in Nigeria and rated number five overall. 

Scaling to this international audience was made possible due to a combination of factors: 

1) Commitment to supporting functionality on previous versions of mobile devices
To reach listeners and artists where connectivity or technology is dated, we had to design the app to be compatible with older devices. We use device farms and our own collection of mobile devices to implement and test features to ensure the stability of Audiomack across these devices. Much of this testing utilizes AI and other automation tools to maintain efficiency as we continue to build the platform.

2) Offline downloads and zero-rating
For users with limited access to data, being able to download music for offline listening is a game-changer.  This allows users to download their favorite music while having an internet connection and bring it with them wherever they go, without using their data. Developing this feature at mobile was a significant rollout the team focused on heavily.

Furthermore, Audiomack is a zero-rated platform in much of the world. When a platform is zero-rated, users don’t have to count the data they use when accessing the platform toward their overall monthly data limit. This essentially makes it free to use the Audiomack platform. Having the ability to use Audiomack without impacting a users total amount of data makes it a go-to music streaming platform for obvious reasons.

3) Supporting multiple languages
Though the Audiomack user base is mainly English speaking, the platform now supports 19 languages with plans to expand that number in the future.

Implementing a Monetization Strategy that Aligns with the Core Mission

To support the development and growth of Audiomack, the brand initially monetized the platform exclusively through ad revenue at no cost to artists and listeners. By 2015, they launched the Audiomack Monetization Platform (AMP), which distributes a fair portion of ad revenue to artists based on stream count.

As the app became more robust, it made sense to add a subscription model on top of the ad revenue to further the Audiomack mission. The subscription unlocks certain features and is delivered to users at a lower price than competitors but is in no way required to experience the Audiomack platform. 

Notable Developments and Milestones

Over the years of working together, we’ve added many key features that enhance music discoverability, make it easier for people and artists to interact with each other, and bring an overall exceptional music streaming experience to a worldwide audience. 

Another key for Audiomack’s success has been its ability to retain users and keep them engaged on the platform with the launch of “Audiomack World.”

Audiomack World is a destination to explore artist interviews, exclusive featured content, and Audiomack news. Audiomack World aims to complement its world-class streaming service by sharing the music and artists' unique stories on the platform.

Other recent milestones include:

  • Partnering with Universal and Sony Music for licensing deals: This new partnership highlights the platform's growth and brings new opportunities for Audiomack artists.
  • Streams counted in Billboard Charts: As of January 22nd, 2021, Audiomack streams are counted in all of the major Billboard charts.
  • Rated as one of the top ten most innovative music companies in 2021 by Fast Company.
  • Audiomack brings music streaming to over 76 million subscribers at zero data cost

A Bright Future for Audiomack

With new features and developments rolling out consistently, we've positioned Audiomack to continue its climb to being one of the world's most versatile music platforms and resources.

By staying true to their mission and creating a value-driven platform, artists and listeners everywhere will continue to support and engage with this one-of-a-kind music streaming ecosystem.

If you’re interested in trying out Audiomack for yourself, sign up for your free account at

Hero Image: Features benny blanco and Gracie Abrams. Listen to them now on the Audiomack App.

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