Tech Trends in 2020

The start of every new year entices nostalgia, reflection, and perhaps new ambitions – likely in the form of an aggressive workout routine. 

It's not often a new decade rolls in but we have the opportunity now to look back on the last ten years of significant life changes, political movements, personal development, and without a doubt, technological advancement. Since I’m sure my decade of personal trials and tribulations would bore you well into 2021, technological advancement might be an easier focus.

Majestyk lives and breathes tech. For most people, it’s permeated the way they communicate with their loved ones, organize their day, consume information and understand culture. For us, it’s that and a bit more. What makes Majestyk great is the omnipresent vision of technology as a medium of seismic change. Meaning, rather than looking at how technology is impacting our lives today, we’re looking at how it might tomorrow. And we’re here to clue you in. Here are just a few technology trends we'll be watching out for in 2020.

Tech for Sustainability

We’re seeing companies as a whole change their operations, supply chain and corporate social responsibility initiatives towards sustainability. To complement the trend of eco-conscious approaches across many verticals, the tech world has also reacted with inventiveness and ingenuity in building solutions for a more eco-friendly environment. We’re going to see more and more electronics produced from recycled materials, the rise of solar power due to technological advancements and electric transport in our day-to-day lives. All of this will have a significant impact on our carbon footprint and the future of our environment.

Why the 5G Hype?

If you think 5G will only affect your favorite Netflix series, think again. 5G has been called the impetus for the world’s fourth industrial revolution. Imagine what a smart city would look like. There could be street lighting that turns off when no ones around, gunshot detection microphones in high-crime neighborhoods and sensors that automatically redirect sewage when the levels get too high. Beyond how we live, it would change how we work. Imagine how our manufacturing and agricultural sectors would be changed if every single process was automated with IoT (Internet of Things) advancements. We’re at the beginning of this transition, but now is the time to watch out for paradigm shifts in how technology permeates our world.

The Expansion of AI

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while now. It’s brought us fantastic inventions like Siri and Alexa and been the inspiration for countless SciFi movies predicting the takeover of intelligent machines (which is, if you have a thorough understanding of the technology, quite far-fetched.) Majestyk was actually one of the very first companies to gain access to IBM’s revolutionary AI technology, IBM Watson, when we won the Mobile Developers Challenge in 2014. Looking ahead to 2020, we’re expecting the refinement of AI technology and the expansion of its application. That means the evolution of even smarter smart voice assistants, self-driving cars, and the presence of AI in almost everyone’s workplace. This is being made possible by the concept of “neuro-symbolic” technology, which combines learning and logic so that AI can move beyond just the original algorithm it’s fed and actually move into the realm of reasoning. It sounds like the basis of one of those SciFi films, but really it’s just an exponentially advanced computation of variables that are going to alter our understanding of the potential of technology’s role in our lives.

Naturally, there are tons of expectations for the future of technology, these are just some that are particularly on Majestyk’s radar in 2020. To chat future tech, digital products or a potential robot takeover, drop us a line!

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