The Mobile E-commerce Experience: Engagement that will keep you Competitive

Global eCommerce has gone up from 2.00 trillion to 3.46 trillion from 2016-2019. The US alone is expected to reach 5.1 million in 2024. That’s why it’s important for Majestyk to hop into the eCommerce industry to help companies! There are three ways of making your app the best of the best:

  • Simplicity is Key — Being simple is all one needs to have a great experience. Consumers do not need fireworks and music when trying to buy a shoe on a company’s website!
  • Developing Touchpoints — Developing touchpoints is a way of saying “my product or service is the best and it is what you need”. That mentality is what makes for amazing product launches here at Majestyk.
  • Considerations — Majestyk suggested building a chart to figure out what touchpoints are the most suitable for your product. Just one way we set you up for success.

Now, here is the intriguing part: Keeping and improving your consumers’ engagement and experience. You don’t want to look like you are just trying to sell something to your audience, you want to feel trusted by your audience. Studies have shown that 10% of people only want digital experiences with organizations, 5% only want physical, but 85% want a blend of both. That is why building 1:1 communication is vital to a consumer’s experience with a company that can make or break the connection, and therefore your bottom line.

Studies have shown that 10% of people only want digital experiences with organizations, 5% only want physical, but 85% want a blend of both.

When posting on social media, Majestyk recommends being more personal to their audience. That makes consumers feel more attracted to a brand on a personal level and not feel like they are a part of a stuffy corporate strategy.

Majestyk is a holistic digital product agency, but for e-commerce, we heavily emphasize the importance of mobile apps. It’s hard to believe in our digital age that someone with a mobile device doesn’t use an app for almost everything in their life. By building an app, companies can interact with their consumers at the fingertip level. This can be done with push notifications, re-targeting after customers purchase a product or book a service, or just even promoting your brand for more customer interaction.

Majestyk is here to guide companies and help them navigate their way in the eCommerce industry. Be simple, create that engagement, preserve that relationship with consumers. This is a reliable plan of action that can ensure your company’s success in an increasingly competitive environment. With Majestyk’s tools, companies will only grow stronger and have the knowledge to sustain their growth. 

Infographic with statistics about ecommerce.

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