Three Ways Majestyk Prepared Me for the Next Chapter of My Life

Steven Quirino, Social media and marketing intern
Steven Quirino, Social Media & Marketing Intern

Being a student has its ups and downs. One of those downs is trying to gain real-world work experience before you’ve even graduated.

It feels like everyone is battling for that same number one spot at a coveted internship. Ironically, a lot of internships require that you have prior experience within your field to apply! Aren’t internships where you’re supposed to gain this experience?

I know how hard the process can be and the feeling of applying for internship after internship without hearing anything back from anyone. It’s frustrating. But, a company that finally got back to me was Majestyk, where I was brought on board for a Spring internship in their Social Media and Marketing department. My internship has provided me with the experience and knowledge that I need for the next chapter of my life and finding a great internship can do the same for you.

Here are three ways Majestyk prepared me for the real world:

Forget What You Know About Social Media

My knowledge of social media up until this point was largely based on the use of my own personal social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – I’m a pro! Or so I thought. Utilizing social media for business and marketing purposes is much more different and nuanced than I imagined. You really have to understand the difference between each platform, how users engage with content differently and how this all ties back to the particular business you are working for. Each social media platform has their own language and is good for certain types of content. Twitter is generally looked at as a quick news media platform while Facebook revolves around storytelling. LinkedIn is a professional online environment and is a place to be more playful and creative. Learning the ins and outs of how to create content for a business was a key takeaway of my experience with Majestyk.

Creative Writing is a Universal Skill

Regardless of what industry you work in or what your job role is, creative writing is a tool that can always be used to your advantage. Developing this skill can be a challenge but the tasks given to me here really required me to develop this skill further. While my writing tasks were for specific social media posts, I found that developing my creative writing ability was a transferable skill that could be used frequently in and out of a work environment. Being able to articulate myself clearly, with a clear tone of voice and personality, improved my communication skills all around. Whether you are writing for social media or emailing your boss, having stronger writing skills is definitely a plus.

Constructive Criticism is a Good Thing

Internships can be stressful. Not knowing if the path you decided to take in your tasks was the right one or getting mental block is not ideal. Being on a team where you can bounce ideas back and forth, or have someone review your work is great. Here at Majestyk this type of collaboration happens a lot. Learning how to take constructive criticism can be a challenge and intimidating, but being able to ask for help when you need it, listen to feedback and apply criticism to your work will definitely teach you a lot.

Finding career experience early in life is a tough feat but Majestyk has done a great job in preparing me for the next chapter of my life. These skills I gained can be applied to a plethora of future jobs and endeavors. My time here has truly made me go from Pathetic to Majestyk.

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