Connecting readers to a world of comics by Black and Brown creators

So much more than your average comic book reading app.

Packed with music, animations, and a fully gamified experience, BSP keeps readers hooked on reading whether they’ve been a long-time comic enthusiast or just starting out.

New readers can complete missions, roll gachas to unlock premium content and collect lore cards for a deeper exploration into their favorite series.

Black Sands mobile app mockup
UI design of the Black Sands mobile app main navigation screensVisual design of the Black Sands mobile app onboarding screensVisual of the Black Sands Publishing Creator benefits
"Black Sands is a 'Diamond in the rough' that provides a platform for creators of color an opportunity to showcase their content, that no others provide."
User Review, App Store


Promoting the app and signing comic creators

After selling over 60,000 books, recruiting 2,000+ investors and building a following of hundreds of thousands of followers, Black Sands was ready to leverage their influence and help other creators build their audiences.

To build up momentum for the app, we launched a marketing website, which served as a home base for BSP. Comic creators could apply to access the Creator’s Portal and readers could pre-register for the app. Creator’s that signed up early had the benefit of additional exposure by making their work available to readers as soon as the app launched.

Website design of the Black Sands Publishing marketing site


BSP provides a free space for indie creators to get support and develop an audience.

Once creators complete a simple application process, they gain access to the Creator’s Portal and can publish for free. In addition to reaching Black Sand’s captive audience, they can also access opportunities to get funding support, monetize or even be signed and paid cash bonuses for their work.

Another benefit to creators is the many opportunities for social engagement, such as chapter commenting and a discussion forum. These are places they can engage with readers to both discuss ideas and gain feedback.

Indie creators featured in the Black Sands Mobile App
Mock up of the Black Sands Publishing creator portal desktop design.Desktop mockups of the Black Sands Publishing creator application process.
Mobile app screen of the Black Sands missions and rewardsSampling of the Black Sands gacha reward systemMobile app screen from the Black Sands app showcasing featured series
Black Sands Publishing desktop platform dashboard for managing content and creators
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initial capital raised
series with over 400 chapters at launch
"Absolutely, unequivocally, indisputably, one of the best apps for comics! They have massive of library of amazing tales told by some of the most skilled artists and writers!"
User Review, App Store


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