Reinventing interactive learning through the internet of things

Cloud-based and speech-enabled, CogniToys are redefining interactive learning in the digital age.

We worked closely with the technical team to actualize the CogniToys vision from initial concept through introduction into the retail market.  Our team developed the full CogniToys ecosystem, which included multiple consumer touch points including an onboarding app, website and ecomm experience. In addition, we worked closely with the team to develop their brand identity and ALL of their collateral including photography, packaging, manuals, in-store displays and more.

The CogniToys dinosaur.
The CogniToys mobile app welcome screen design.Mobile app user interface for onboarding a new toy and managing profile information.


A comprehensive digital experience

Building a B2C e-commerce site with a solid funnel to convert page visits to sales is hard! We worked from the ground up to build a custom e-commerce experience for CogniToys from when they were actively crowdfunding to when the product was on the market generating Millions in revenue year to year. The latest survey and studies in 2020 show that the average conversion rate of e-commerce websites is 2.86%, which we achieved with ease.

Desktop design for the CogniToys consumer website.
Desktop design of the Parent Panel dashboard with a summary of content their child has been consuming.Parent Panel pop up with suggested content for a more customized experience for their child.UI components to manage user settings and custom features like bed time and age.The CogniToys ecosystem accessed on desktop and mobile devices.
"Engaging ... quippy and leveled for children."
The Observer


Manufacturing the first dino

When it came to creating the look and feel of the initial CogniToys Dino, we started by drawing sketches and then quickly moved into prototyping with our 3D printer. Once we had our 3D model perfect, we had a number of high resolution 3D prints made before finally moving into the tooling and manufacturing of the first line of products.

Initial sketches for the CogniToys dinosuar product design.Initial prototype images and 3D printed product design.The multiple iterations and evolution of the CogniToys dinosaur product design.Manual installation of hardware into the initial dinosaur prototypes.
Person holding a microchip that powers the CogniToys dinosaur technology.
The CogniToys logo design with size guidelines.The CogniToys color palette.Custom illustrations of the CogniToys DinosaurThe brand typography system.Custom brand icon illustrations.


A Kickstarter to Launch

In order to get some initial users and backers of the CogniToys product line we went to Kickstarter to see if we achieved product market fit. The goal was to raise $50k which we ended up doing in the first 24 hours with an all in total of $275k for the first CogniToys Dino.

The original CogniToys dino prototype used as part of the brand Kickstarter campaign.Press logos
"If I was six all over again, this dinosaur would no doubt blow my mind!"
total amount raised
percentage by which we exceeded our original goal


Custom media tells the story

CogniToys had a unique story to tell and it was one that was constantly evolving as they continued to work toward a releasing a product into the market. As early stage partners, we took the healm on working with the brand to constantly produce new content for the team as their product developed. Working both with our in house content studio and experts in video production we helped bring the CogniToys story to life with compelling narratives through photography and video.

Product shot of all three colorways for the CogniToys dino.Package design for the CogniToys Dino.
A mother and child building a custom Stemosaur dino.
Product shot of the Stemosaur dino fully constructed.Desktop design of the Stemosaur coding panel where you can create your own custom content for your Dino.UI component for one of the available learning modules in the coding panel.Onboarding help tool pop up for the a first time user to the coding panel.

Scout Brings the Latest, Greatest Features

The third generation of the CogniToys line is Scout! We pushed the boundaries with this product by adding touch sensors, LEDs and an accelerometer to the product to bring the play and educational experience to the next level.

Third generation Scout product in a galaxy in space.
The full Scout product line in its three available colorways.
CogniToy units sold worldwide
revenue generated
Badges representing the multiple awards the CogniToys brand captured.


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