Phones down, eyes up – a mobile product to curb distracted driving

Friends don't let friends drive dumb

The winning design, drawing talent from Dubai, Canada and the United States, leveraged “positive peer pressure” to intercept and deter drivers at the moment of distraction. We picked things up from there, and partnered with Chevy’s agency of record to transform the kids’ concept into  a concrete product.

UI to pre-record a personalized audio message within the Call Me Out mobile app.Onboarding screens for first time users.
We are extending our commitment beyond the technologies integrated into GM and Chevy vehicles and are making the app available for Android phone users who drive other vehicle makes and models in an effort to help people change their driving behavior and make our roads safer.
Alan Batey, Global Head of Chevrolet
Icon design for the drive in progress alert notification.
UI for passenger detection functionality.
more dangerous than drunk driving
of all car crashes result from distractions
Americans are killed annually


Fun, youthful and friendly.

The user interface and branding were designed to visually reinforce peer-to-peer communication for a younger demographic. The brand wanted to leverage one of the most recognizable hand gestures for its main icon.

Our collaborative goal was design something that felt like Chevrolet but not TOO much like Chevrolet. We utilized Chevrolet’s core elements and innovatively applied them across creative for a flexible but cohesive experience.

The Chevrolet color palette and typography.Grid of the VPal brand identity and branding system.


Peer-to-peer gamification

And for those users motivated only by the addicting glory of a win, we implemented a ranking system complete with user statistics and a leaderboard. Users earn points for ignoring notifications and abstaining from phone usage while driving, and can compete with peers for gloating rights and safest driver.

Future versions will potentially include further gamification with platforms like Facebook, Waze and Google Maps, allowing for quicker adoption rates and convenient sharing.

Screenshot of the user ranking system.
UI components highlighting peer to peer gamification and leaderboard functionality.UI components highlighting user statistics and points earned for ignoring notifications.View of a users lifetime statistics and points accumulated.


After the development phase, we passed the torch onto Chevy and Wayne State University researchers for testing and further development.

In late 2018, Chevy released the final product to a roar of glowing praise. Since then, download counts have steadily climbed to over 10 thousand.


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