Revolutionizing the waste management industry through digital transformation

Majestyk worked closely with Action Carting to create a data-driven product road map that first addressed their most pressing needs but also kept in mind their long-term goals to invest in creative, innovative technologies like Augmented Reality and Business Intelligence tools.

We started out with a customer-facing app that streamlined customer service, billing and account management, automating processes wherever possible.

Action Carting customer facing mobile app home screen.
Action Carting calendar of services,  billing, account management and support features.Additional services request pop up for scheduling pickup and service changes within the Action Carting app.
Onboarding screens for the Action Carting mobile app.Sign in screen, holiday calendar and call to action to register for an account.
Surveys find that 80% of participants—regardless of whether they are municipalities or private sector waste management companies—believe that digital innovation is important for their business success. At the top of their priorities list is improving customer satisfaction (73%) and increasing productivity (72%).

When surveyed on the application of emerging technologies:

of respondents gave their waste managment company a failing grade
of organizations say legacy software and systems create the largest barrier to implementing digital transformation
Mobile app notification features within the Action Carting app.
Calendar and schedule of trash pick ups and schedule changes.Action Carting notification system within the home screen dashboard.Robust holiday schedule to build schedule transparency.
Online billing and account management functionalities within the mobile app.Action's workflow for processing payments and allow customers to pay their bills via the mobile app.Setup autopay and manage your invoice delivery options easily within the app.


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