Transforming physical, mental and emotional health through technology

of workers are stressed at work
deaths a year caused by extreme workplace stress
spent on healthcare costs for workplace stress annually

A digital solution

The Majestyk team has long understood the need to manage workplace stress, and jumped at the opportunity to partner with LifeDojo. We worked with the LifeDojo team to make recommendations and create the web and mobile app development plan, ultimately creating an affordable and easily accessible unified platform across all devices.

The LifeDojo platform UI on tablet and mobile devices.
LifeDojo welcome screen for improving wellbeing.Select screens from the onboarding process of the LifeDojo app calling out key features.A mobile phone on a desk with the LifeDojo sign up screen.
UI components for three of the platform's areas of focus.Visual user flow for first time users to set goals and begin their wellness program.Visual user flow for users to customize their wellness program and set milestone habit tracking.
"When your employees understand how exercise impacts their body, brain and emotions, they’re more motivated to follow through with the program."
Chris Cutter, CEO LifeDojo


A behavior change program that aims to improve employee health for life.

Coaching works. LifeDojo Behavior Change Specialists help motivate and inform, in one-on-one and group coaching sessions. To further extend the LifeDojo ecosystems, we developed a versatile platform that could go everywhere with employees who were engaged with the system. This allowed for a seamless experIence from mobile to desktop.

Screen designs for one-on-one coaching with behavior change specialists.Desktop design for the behavior change program.


Wellness as part of your work routine

LifeDojo allows users to access their platform both on the go and at their desks. The desktop solution allows users to experience the same rich mobile friendly features while actively working. This makes their daily communications easier by fitting seamlessly into their workflow without the need of having to switch between multiple devices.

Screenshot of the LifeDojo desktop solution with the same functionality as the mobile experience.Web version of a user profile and account management for desktop.
"LifeDojo gives the average employee world-class coaching at their fingertips. I talk to employees every week who are making serious health improvements in their lives, which has been incredibly rewarding."
Tammy Chang, Behavior Change Specialist
average enrollment rate for employee base within 6 months of launch
average healthcare cost savings for every 500 employees
institutions who have implemented LifeDojo


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