Putting products on the map through virtual indoor positioning

Onboarding swipe screen design for the RPS mobile app.UI components for the list creation and management functionality in the app.
Design for the global search experience that allows users to search for any purchasable item within a given area from the database.
Two icon inspirations that have been combined to create the brand identity for RPS.Custom icon design in multiple colors for the RPS brand.Retail Positioning Systems color palette.The RPS logo and tagline.Various mockups from the full brand system and brand guidelines that were developed for the RPS brand.Alternative logo designs that were explored.
UI components from the scalable  design system developed for RPS.
A 3D rendering of a retail store map.

Find what you’re looking for with augmented reality

The white label platform uses some of the latest advances in beacon, wayfinding and augmented reality. The platform is built to be beacon agnostic so you can use any beacon set in order to power the platform. The beacons allow us to locate users in a multi level store and triangulate their location in order to provide them turn by turn navigation to their product of choice.

Turn by turn augmented reality way finding.
Illustration of a virtual heat map showing where customers physically spend time within a given space.

Know where and what your customers are buying

Data is one of the most important thing for any business. If you don't know what your customers want and where your customers are you are at a disadvantage. By exposing analytics on what users are searching for and heat maps of the highly trafficked areas, retailers are able to know exactly what users want and where they are on a daily basis.


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