A Brand New Look for Our Bold Vision

Our journey began as a small venture by our two co-founders who wanted to pursue unconventional ideas beyond the limitations of standard business models.

With an initial focus on mobile app development, the company has since evolved into a full-service studio. Our mission has been to enhance user experiences through technological innovations. That hasn’t changed. In our years of experience and growth as a company, what has changed is our perspective on what exactly it means to be innovative.

Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” And so here we stand now – a team of innovators, driven to create awesome experiences. A studio focused on innovation and limitless possibilities. The growth we have seen and the breadth of work we’ve taken on in the past three years alone has been beyond our wildest dreams.

Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

As a studio, we spend our days making cool shit for our partners. We are always innovating experiences, updating our strategies and concepting new ways to approach old problems for everyone we work with. But last year, the realization dawned on us that there was one thing we were neglecting — ourselves. The outward perception of our brand didn’t match the work we were doing and what we were capable of. Our focus had been so centered on scale that we had started to forget the core of what made us who we are – making cool shit. We knew what we had to do. Treat. Yo. Self.

Last year, we began the initiative of elevating the Majestyk brand to the same level and quality of work that we produce for our clients. There were countless conversations. Blood. Sweat. Tears. It has become a true labor of love as we continue to find the right balance between building our brand and maintaining our partnerships. But nothing worthwhile is ever easy. And through much internal reflection, we now more than ever have a strong understanding of who we are as a digital studio and an even stronger understanding of the things we want to do.

Various pages from our newly designed Majestyk website.

This year marks our 9th anniversary as a company.  And with almost a decade of experience behind us we’re excited to enter this new decade with a passion and fire unparalleled in our company’s history. We have big plans to shake things up and expand the Majestyk brand. The first step on that journey was revamping our website to reflect our true values and vision for the future. After many late nights and long weekends, we are more than happy to debut our newly designed website. 

The unveiling of a new digital presence represents a vision for the future while paying homage to our past. Our site is one small step in where we want to be. If you work with us, don’t worry we’re not going anywhere. In fact, going under the knife may have been the best thing to happen since sliced bread (see what we did there).

As we embark on the rest of our journey we hope you enjoy the work we’ve done, while we continue to imagine the things we can do.

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