Employees only: health and wellness edition

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A robust cross platform experience

Majestyk worked closely with the client to bring their vision to life. The final platform consisted of a native iOS and Android app, robust backend and leaderboard to see how each employee ranked against their fellow colleagues.


Every workout counts!

Every day, users logged into the app to track their daily activities. We developed a robust listing of categories to ensure all types of movement and physical wellness were trackable, from weightlifting and boxing to yoga and walking. As employees engaged with the app, they could climb the ranks on the leaderboard, helping them develop better habits and consistency.

Three main functionalities of the CitiFitness app – log, sync and reviewCiti fitness challenge activity log screenCiti Fitness Challenge unsycned activity challenge screen


Leaderboard & Prizes

Gamifying any experience will get more people involved and excited to participate in any work-related challenge. For the Citi Fitness Challenge, users could see their progress compared to other friends at work, which incentivized them to do more.

At the end of the challenge, the top leaders received prizes from Citi leadership to boost company morale, build a strong culture and promote overall individual wellness.


Exploring wearable tech

At Majestyk, we always push the boundaries on what can be done to benefit users and the overall product experience. In this case, we challenged the client to explore the pros & cons of implementing wearable technologies like FitBit, Jawbone, Apple Watch, and Android Wear to provide a more holistic and better experience.

These technologies would allow the apps to communicate over Bluetooth or via the third party's API to pull in the relevant data to populate a user's daily activities.

"One of the best apps I've used. Simple, yet so subtle and powerful. You can walk and donate to charity. That's what I call as killing two birds in one stone."
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