A live sports bet tracker that moves at the speed of your game

Track, monitor and see projections.

With HEATR you can track straight, parlay, and teaser bets as well as custom bets. Tracked bets are updated constantly with live scores and game status. Along with individual bets, HEATR updates your overall bankroll in real-time using live data and projections.

Main user interface for the HEATR sports betting tracking app.
Mobile app screens featuring functionality to track bets with a real-time summary dashboard.Onboarding swipe tutorial for first time users of the HEATR app.User flow allowing users to track different bet types across multiple sports categories.
"This is the best app that I have come across to track bets. Very simple to use as well."
User Review, App Store
UI components to track straights, parlays, teasers, and your own custom bets across different sports.In-app notifications for real time bet tracking.UI tracking components for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer and MMA across US and international teams.


Customize views with sorting, filter and lenses to get the most out of betting data.

Do you ever want to know what would happen if the game were to end at this moment or whether you are going to hit your over bet? HEATR has instant results, linearly projected scores and more that help you to forecast how your bets will turn out. Bettors can use these intuitive features to decide whether to double down or hedge in real-time based on game trends.

User interface design highlighting the linear pacing and instant results technology in the app.
Heatr app functionality to filter and sorty your bets and customize betting data views.Game results UI components and inline view.
"Love to live bet, so this app is a must!"
User Review, App Store


Using the latest and greatest mobile services

HEATR uses some of the newest technologies to power its platform like serverless cloud functions, Google Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

Firebase Logo
Illustration of integrated API's
Various screenshots of the HEATR mobile app user interface.


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